What should you consider before getting a betting app? For one, the platform should be reliable. You do not want an unstable app that crashes when you need it the most. Also, the ease of transactions is of the essence, or else you can lose out on sure wins. The app should be simple such that you can access the markets you want at the tap of the button. And of course, it should offer the best odds in the market. It does not hurt if the app offers free bets now and then and has a wide variety of options. Last but not least you should be familiar with the winning taxes that you probably will pay.

Going through the apps on the market one by one in the hope of finding a good fit is a hard task. It is especially so when looking for apps with cash-out features. Here are some apps to consider in your quest for more winnings and why they are remarkable:

bet365 logo

Bet 365

Bet 365 is available for both android and IOS users. To use it, you will need to register an account with bet365, which is a simple process. Once you confirm the account, you can get started on using this platform. You can use electronic payments as well as visa and Mastercard to deposit and withdraw cash on the platform. When you sign up, you get a welcome bonus that paves the way for several other rewards in the future. Keep checking on the promotions to see how you can kill two birds with one stone.

When it comes to cash out, this platform is quite versatile. You can do so straight, partially, or rely on an automatic system. Many apps will not offer you this variety, and this makes this platform stand out from the rest.

Also, this app has a responsive live chat where you can air your concerns. Sometimes, you have to wait a while to get a response when there is a queue. But in most cases, the responses are immediate. What’s not to love about this platform?

paddy power logo

Paddy Power

Opening an account for this app is a pretty straightforward process that should not give you a hard time. Note that you need to be eighteen years and above to participate in the wagering. Placing bets is also easy given the intuitive nature of this platform, which offers odds on various games. It provides live chat options to its users, allowing them to navigate the app with ease. When it comes to cash out, the app calculates what amount you can get based on the current market prices. That way, you can cut your losses or lock in your profits before the game comes to an end. Note that this feature is available on selected markets, and you should thus consider this when placing bets.

betway main logo


This site has millions of customers across the globe and has a reputation for being trustworthy. You can thus expect the same of its app. It offers many withdrawal and deposit options, among them being PayPal. Additionally, it provides various markets, thus not limiting you to one option.

The signup process is quite easy, and once you finish, you can access Betway odds on twitter. They help you in making informed betting choices and reducing the chances of a loss. Cash-out is available for selected bets, allowing you to cut your losses or lock your profits in live games. That means that you can adjust your winnings based on the game’s progress.

william hill logo

William Hill

Once you download the app and register an account, you get an offer that allows you to reduce the amount spent on wagering. Users get tons of promotions on the app, which enables them to maximize their profits. The app has a cash-out option such that you can take your money out of a bet that is not going your way. This feature applies to specific markets, and you should check on this before placing a bet. An interesting feature with this app is the deposit limit that ensures you do not overspend on wagers. How responsible is that! The limit can be daily, weekly, or monthly, allowing you to gauge your wins and losses.

Can you think of other apps with cash out facilities?